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About Us

The Owner...

Beginning as a young man in his father's backyard workshop, Jonathan Wells, the Owner and Lead Craftsman, developed a love of woodworking. This passion evolved through working in general carpentry, trim carpentry, furniture shops and in several residential and commercial cabinet shops until culminating in Oak Grove Furniture & Cabinetry in 2007. Since then Jonathan has continually improved his skill-set and design sense partnering with you to bring your dreams and ideas to life.

What's in a Name...

Our name comes from a long Family tradition. Oak Grove Farm in Union County, NC was built by Jonathan's Great Grandfather where he raised chickens and sold their eggs. The farm was then named and run by his Grandfather who transitioned to turkeys in later years. The name came from "Pawpaw" Rushing looking out over the land beside the chicken houses at the large stand of mature oak trees and seeing the beauty of it. Eventually Jonathan, his father, mother, and sister worked and lived on the farm raising bob-white quail for a time.

Mitch & Cindy Wells 1981
Personal Touch...

Our favorite part of the business is working with you to beautify your home. We design each piece of furniture, kitchen, and custom woodwork from scratch. Taking your many inspirations and weaving them into a cohesive whole is our forte. Please allow us to join you in planning your next project to see if our passion and yours can realize your dream.

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